Druid query options

What are my options to creating queries for druid to build grafana charts? Is there a way to integrate plyql? Is my best option using the druid plugin? Are there any tutorials out there that explain the query and templating capabilities?



There are no official datasource support for Druid and as far as I know there are no community built datasource plugin. However, you can use the Simple JSON datasource and build an abstraction api over druid that the Simple JSON datasource can communicate with.


hii all, How to import druid data as simplejson data source, I tryed :8082/druid/v2/datasources/wikiticker it is empty, even there are too much data inside

do you have any ideas?

Many thanks

As I wrote - you’ll need to build an abstraction api.

Hi mefraimsson,

I am sorry but I lack the knowledge of building an abstraction API so that simple JSON datasource can communicate. Is there any link or thing you can point to me so that I can get my thing going