Druid Datasource

Does anyone work with Druid datasource?

  1. How to create variable in Druid Datasource?
  2. How to use groupby Druid Datasource ?
  3. How to enable Aggregations types as: floatSum, floatMax, floatMin, doubleMin, doubleMax, longMax, longMin, doubleFirst, Javascript, Cardinality, … ?
  4. We know that druid support SQL in query, how to use druid SQL query on Grafana?

Do you know how to solved the issues?
Thanks you so much


Yes The Societe Génerale (French Bank) has developped a new version of plugin.
It is available here : https://github.com/societe-generale/druidplugin

In this version you can Create variable

For GroupeBy and all agregration , it work too

nevertheless the SQL requests are not implemented.

for more information you could contact https://community.grafana.com/u/fabienr

Société Générale


First thank you and @fabienr (and others if there are) for developing this fork of the plugin!

I would like to add a variable but I am not sure how to use the query field. Could you help?

Imagine I have mydatasourcename and I want to query and list all the values of the dimension mydimension. Inspired by your screenshot I tried the below, but without success.
How would I do that?


Also does this feature still work with Grafana 7 ?


Hello @madamak,

Exactly you have to do like how you wrote it !! :slight_smile:


you can also use the result of another variable for exemple :

Variable 1 = region: {“index”: “mydatasourcename”, “column”: “mydimension_region”}

Variable 2 = host: {“index”: “mydatasourcename”, “column”: “mydimension_hostname”, “filters” :[ “mydimension_region:$region”]}

And of course it still work with grafana 7.1.5