Do's and Don'ts for joining InfluxDB and .csv

Hi i want join my InlfuxDB data with a .csv file. I have never done that.

  • Is there some reference available howto do that?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts

here you go

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This is a good starter, but is there an example where i can join the csv with my influxDB?

I think the question is if @aukequist has two data sources:

then he wants to do a join in Grafana:


AFAIK, there is no published reference or how-to on this.

Are you using Flux or InfluxQL?
Are any of the field names or tag names from each datasource identically named?

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Here is one example using sql, try it out for csv. Once you have a data stream then it should be possible.

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Hi Grant2, regarding your language question, well i am not sure (soory i’m new) i have to look it up in the influxdb.conf which i haven’t found yet.

But this is how my current query (without csv ) looks like

For the names, i am flexible, currently different columns and names, but i can equalize these in the .csv

that looks like you are using influxql query language. You can tell also by going to the datasource and you will see influxql

Hi yosiasz, indeed InfluxQL. I keep that setting since i do not know what the consequences are for the current working dashboards if i change that.

I don’t succeed in creating a CSV data source
Grafana says: stat C:/Temp/grafana: no such file or directory

But that folder is available locally
Does anyone know what i am doing wrong

Have you set this?

is this a live production dashboard?

Just create another data source and choose Flux query language instead. And use that on another cloned dashboard instead of the current one. Then on the cloned dashboard, change things so the data source is now the flux query

I have now setup a CSV datasource (an experimental one for quick checking) with HTTP. So entered an URL pointing to the csv.

I can select the CSV in my panel, but quereing it fails with a strange error:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>InvalidHeaderValueThe value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format.

Any reason you cannot use flux query?

But will flux query solve my CSV question then - i don’t see why query language change would do that

Have you been able to solve it using influxql?