Does Loki support re-hydrate function?

I want to know does Loki support re-hydrate function?
I mean how about a situation that I need to review the logs say 3 month ago or 6 month ago, but I set the retention to 30 days cause keeping 3 month indexed logs will consume hugh memory, not only S3 bucket size.

Any suggestion for Loki re-index old data?

Thank you for any reply.

I’ve seen similar feature being requested on GitHub. It can be done, but I don’t think anyone has attempted to do it yet as far as I know.

That said, Loki stores both index and chunks in S3 (assuming you are using S3). And index files are typically much much smaller than chunks. So if you are keeping chunks already in S3, there is no reason not to keep the index files as well.

Thank you so much for providing the information.
Yes, I am using S3 as the backend storage.
So you are saying we should keep both index and chunks in S3, and not to set retention for it so that we can query any time range we want?