Does Grafana Community dashboard have any copyright?

Does Grafana Community dashboard have any copyright?

Hello, I was wondering the same thing : Plugins do have a license clearly mentioned on the Grafana website, but Dashboards do not. This could be because:

  • of an oversight
  • Grafana considers dashboards as non copyrightable
  • Grafana considers dashboards ©Grafana Labs/ Apache 2.0 by default
    (I asked the question to GrafanaLabs, and was sent here to get support)

This seems very close to the Grafana/ Json Dashboard files situation and is probably our best answer:


Hypertext markup language (HTML) is a standard markup language used in the design of websites. It is frequently generated by automated website design software. HTML establishes the format and layout of the content that appears on a particular web page by instructing the user’s browser to present that content in a specified manner.

If you want to register content that has been posted on a website, you should submit the content in the form in which it appears on the actual website. There is no reason to submit the HTML code for that site unless you specifically want to register the human-written portions of the HTML itself and any website text that is embedded within the HTML. A registration for HTML will not cover any formatting and layout that may be dictated by the HTML or style sheets. Nor will it cover any audio, visual, or audiovisual content that may appear on a website and is not perceptible in the HTML. HTML may be registered as a literary work only if it was created by a human being and it contains a sufficient amount of creative expression.

IMHO it is a legal problem and that can be different in various jurisdictions.
My personal view (I’m not lawyer): no license means all rights are reserved and it is not Open Source or Free. You cannot modify or redistribute that dashboard without explicit permission from the copyright holder. It’s similar to licensing - What can I assume if a publicly published project has no license? - Open Source Stack Exchange

Some users publish dashboards also in their public repositories, which have a LICENSE file, so you can assume licensing.

Thank you Jangaraj, I completely agree with you (I’m not a lawyer either!), IF Dashboard JSON files are copyright “the person who saved the file.”
This does not seem obvious to me, as they are generated automatically by Grafana, and the comparison to HTML as explained by the US Copyright Office seems to indicate otherwise.But you are right, this can be different in various jurisdictions.