Does Explore related API exist?

Hi, there,

I am wondering if it’s possible to PUT explore queries to grafana so that you can later click on them and observe the results.

For example I programmatically (i.e. via Lambda) describe 5 different CloudWatch metrics so I know the time frame I want, the dimensions, etc.

Can I then PUT a request to grafana’s API so that when I then login to grafana I can go to the query history and found what I have PUT, click it and observe the outcome.

I know I can put JSON to create a dashboard but I want something less permanent.

I would rather have a button in a dashboard that triggers the Lambda that PUTs the explore query to be used.

I hope I can achieve some “view corresponding metrics” functionality that way. (The logic to determine what is corresponding is outside grafana of course (the lambda)) but I need to obtain timeframe and metric from a dashboard, pass it to something external (i.e. via button with JS if possible), and then put the result to be examined in Explore.

I can’t seem to find explore related stuff in the HTTP API documentation.

Any ideas?

That is impossible. When you are using UI you are using your user (human) identity in your Grafana. API use API key and that API key doesn’t have any relation to your user identity. It is just some “machine” account.

That is also reason why you don’t see any username in the dashboard history, when you update dashboard via dashboard API - there is no user identity used -> no username in the history.