Does `build.go build` package front-end changes previously built with npm?

We’re deploying Grafana within Docker and I want to make sure I’m packaging everything that’s needed. The last bit of our dockerfile is:

# Basic dependencies for building Grafana NPM project
  npm install -g yarn && \
  yarn config set "strict-ssl" false && \
  yarn install --pure-lockfile && \
  npm run build

# Building of Grafana backend
  go run build.go setup && \
  go run build.go build

# Create final stage containing only required artifacts
FROM scratch
COPY --from=build /bin/grafana-server /bin/grafana-server


CMD ["./bin/grafana-server"]

My question is will the final artifact of grafana-server contain the changes that were built as part of npm run build? If so, how? I’d like to understand these correlations better (if they exist).


Slight bump on this, if anyone has some guidance on what is or isn’t needed in my build step that’d be super.