Documentation on How to Install Grafana on Kubernetes using Helm Charts

Dear Community users :wave:,

I am very happy to announce that we have now:

Documentation available on installing Grafana on Kubernetes via Helm Charts .

It contains a lot of details as:

  • How to setup the official Grafana Helm repository
  • Install and configure Grafana
  • Customize the default configuration parameters
  • How to troubleshoot issues

Also here is the Video Tutorial:

I hope that this documentation will solve one of the most asked questions in the forum:

“how to install Grafana via helm”
“how to define custom configuration via helm for Grafana”. :slight_smile:

We love and care for our Community users and want to improve the missing gaps in our documentation.

We would like to have your feedback if you find any problems or issues. :pray:

Also, feel free to contribute to it to make it further better :+1:

Happy Helming with Grafana !! :wheel: