Documentation and backward compatibility for DS query API v2

Hi all,

We are trying to upgrade Grafana from Grafana v7.2.0 to v8.2.3, and our existing dashboards are now using
/api/ds/query instead of /api/tsdb/query for queries to a PostgreSQL datasource.
This breaks a proxy security container we had created, so I have two questions:

  1. is there any configuration we can use (global, dashboard, or query level) to revert to using the /api/tsdb/query API in 8.2.3
  2. Is there documentation anywhere describing how the new API payloads (request & response) compare to the /api/tsdb payloads?


@franck102 I believe a goal for the coming quarters is to completely re-document the Grafana API, which has grown organically over many years and is a bit confused.

I believe that this change in endpoints relates to the refactor of the Postgres datasource into a backend datasource plugin.

Backend datasource plugins can hook into the new Unified Alerting platform, which btw adheres to the OpenAPI spec, and I think the idea is to get the rest of the API to that place.

In other words, I think a lot is in flux, but there is a lot of activity in the org rn to simplify and organize all the routes :+1: