Docker volume for loki container with --target=write

Hi, i am currently playing with loki/docker-compose.yaml at main · grafana/loki · GitHub. One thing that i noticed is that no volumes are mounted to loki-write containers. What i understand is that the loki-write need to store wal and index before it is shipped to shared_store (CMIIW). So is that really okay to have loki-write using ephemeral volume in production?

No, if you want to enable WAL in a production environment then you should mount a dedicated volume to the container. I don’t think the docker compose example has WAL enabled, and it’s most as a way to quickly spin something up for testing purpose.

Thanks @tonyswumac , do you have information regarding any other path that should not be using ephemeral volume? My guess are these:

  • ingester.wal.dir
  • storage_config.boltdb_shipper.active_index_directory
  • ruler.wal.dir

Currently we only assign dedicated persistent volume to the ingesters for WAL. We use S3 for boltdb, so that’s not a concern for us, but if you are using local filesystem then yes that’d be a persistent volume as well.

We haven’t looked into ruler yet (our next to-do), so I am not sure on that one.

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