Displaying string data from influxDB (home assistant)

i’m using text_input field from home assistant hold the current state of my air condition. this is the display i’m using for it in home assistant - it is a string value that changes (can be fan/cold/etc.):


i’m trying to add it to grafana using a discrete (not sure if this is the best way to display it):

i can find and choose the “ac1_current” in the list of entity ids in the last field so it is found well, but how do i set up the query to display the data (probably to be seen as it is in home assistant panel)

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Did you ever get an answer to this? I am trying to do this for my manual_alarm_panel.

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didn’t get an answer but found it myself:

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hoooray! Finally a normal status visualisation. Your example and the discrete plugin saved me from quite confusing status map and panel plugins. Thanks!

Did you find a way to display your manul_alarm_panel? I’m new in this and I’m searching for help