Displaying min, max, current values based on count query on graph


my goal is to create graph which shows min, max and current number of calls over time. I have tried to do it by myself however with not much luck.

I’m using NXlog to parse my raw logs to Graylog where they are being aggregated(grok patterns) and finally showed in Grafana also i have installed a reporter plugin to be able to save the dashboard in pdf file. It’s possible to get simple queries like count of specific field or calculate successful rate of my application. My configuration:

I think it’s strange that i can’t set the fields which should be in found document.
however in group by they are there

Is my approach wrong? If yes how can i do it in the different way?

PS. There is a function to show avg, sum, min, max and so on as a table maybe somebody know if it is possible to take those points and use them as graph data. I’m more than happy to give more information if needed!

Graylog 3.0.1
Elasticsearch 6.6.2
Grafana 6.1

To use Max as Metric you’ll need to select a field to be used to calculate max over time.

I dont understand how can i do it in Grafana, this all i can choose from

I’m not sure I follow what you want to visualize in a graph. Do you want to have one line for min, max and current (document count) per each 20s? That doesn’t make sense to me. Do you have any example of what this would look like?