Count elements per time of day, with Elastic


it’s probably a stupid question, but I am struggling to display a basic graph : I need to show the count of events per time of the day.

I am using Grafana 7.0.3, with Elastic.

My query is :

metric: count
group by: event.hour_of_day
order: bottom
size: 24
order by: Term values
missing: 0

and it seems to return the expected data :

I have tried various things… the closest I am, is when I select “all fields” and use $__cell_0 for the display name. then, I get this :

The problem is that the first values, up to 23, are the “event.hour_of_day” data. Then only comes the “count” data. If instead of selecting “all fields”, I select only “count”, I get a 0.

I assume I missing something obvious, as what I am trying to do is quite simple (I think).

Any idea what I am missing ?