Displaying logmessage from influxdb


I’m using telegraf_1.19.2 to tail a log file generated from a Java application ( log4j ), then push to influxdb_1.8.7, which is then to be displayed in a grafana_8.1.1 panel.

When I query the measurement in influxdb, I have this :

To me, each field in influx is properly mapped.

But when I create a panel in grafana, there is something wrong.

For example, in this figure :

the date, level, and logmessage fields, can’t be shown.

But with this query :

I can see the logmessage, but still not the date field.

Could someone provide me a help how to display the date, thread, level, and logmessage ?

Is this the repo you are using? Have you considered using Loki for your logs?