Display UP down instead of 1 or 0


Since the update of Grafana 7v → 8v I don’t have the “UP” or “DOWN” display anymore.

Before the Grafana update I was monitoring the ports of my switch and the ping of some of my servers when it was online my grafana displayed UP or DOWN now I have an error… that since the update… Now if I want a value, I can only have 1 for UP and 0 for down (see capture)
Do you have a solution?

I use since the beginning the Zabbix plugin to remount my equipment on Grafana.

(On the second picture you can see what it shows me since the upgrade of Grafana).

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Were (or are) you using value mappings, like this?

without value mappings:

with value mappings:

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Thank you very much! I was able to put what I wanted!

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