How to display Zabbix binary data (link or device up/down) with Grafana in a traffic light type display

Grafana - 6.7.1
RHEL - 8.1
Zabbix - 5.0.0

Trying to set up traffic light style display to show status of Zabbix switch SNMP data. Very basic data but cannot get the traffic light plug in to display.

Zabbix data 1 = UP , 0 = Down

Also for HP switch via SNMP to Zabbix

2 = DOWN , 1 = UP

Seems this should be simple if the traffic light could be configured with these simple values but that is not the case and traffic light either does not work or gives error messages for threshold when valid values are entered for red/green thresholds. Is there some other way to display red/green status using Grafana?