Display last metric for unique column data in Grafana Table


I’m new to Grafana, started messing with it a couple of weeks ago and have quite a few panels setup. However, I’m stuck in trying to display the info I’m looking for using a table.

First, my setup is Grafana with InfluxDB using Telegraf. Pretty much only using SNMP to pull data from global NAS devices.

So for the table query I am able to get a table that shows the columns for volume information from a NAS like Volume Name, Snapshot Start, Snapshot Stop, Snapshot Version etc. I am able to display this info in the table but I don’t need a time series display of all the data, I’m trying to target to display the last entry of data for each volume. If I only query the volume name I can use “distinct()” and I get only 1 entry for each volume. As soon as I add another column like Snapshot Start I get no data, if I remove “distinct()” at that point I get multiple entries of the same volume with the time series of data for Snapshot Start.

Is there a trick to getting the last entry only to be display for each unique volume? Or is there a better panel to use for this view?

Use last selector and group by volume name.

Hello Jangaraj,

Struggled so much and yet so simple once you do it. I was grouping but using group by hostname which obviously wasn’t required since I was targeting the hostname in the query anyway.

Much appreciated!