Display Labels In Different Colors Dynamically

I am using Grafana 8.3.4 and MySQL 8 as datasource. I have two fields insert_timestamp and email. I am using Status History plugin and running the following query

email as value
FROM duets
WHERE $__timeFilter(insert_timestamp)
GROUP BY $__timeGroup(insert_timestamp,β€˜15m’)

When I choose Table View, I get the data in the below format

But when I turn off the Table View, I get the data in the below format

  1. How do I have continuous time-series in X-Axis?
  2. How can I have Grafana dynamically set unique color codes for same email ids?
    For eg: All email ids of abc@xyz.com should be in Red.
    Since there can be N number of unique emails, is there a way to color-code each of them automatically?

Have you considered using a State Timeline? From your description, it sounds like it might be the better way to view your data. See mockup below. Not sure if you know the duration of a customer login or if it’s just a ~1 second event that you want to plot.

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