Display DAYS since timestamp

Hi, I’m trying to displays DAYS gone since timestamp from Influx generated from Node Red.

However when I choose “From Now” for “Unit” in “Standard Options” I get “2 months ago”.
Thats is not exacly what I’m looking for since the timestamp is 1688846400000 and that is only 51 days ago. I get that it is properly doing some (bad) conversion but I really need to force this to display it in days? I was looking for “From Now (In Days)” but no luck…

Is it possible for grafana to take a timestamp a figured out how old the timestamp is in days?

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Which version of Influx?

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InfluxDB v2.7.1
Server: 407fa62
Frontend: 9d25a2f

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I think it might be easier and more accurate to simply run a query on your InfluxDB that determines that amount of elapsed time (hours, days, etc.) since the last timestamp. In addition, you would select your Unit in the Standard Options to be one of these:

Here are some other links from InfluxDB to get you started: