Display average value in graph

Hello together,

I’m absolute beginner to work with grafana. Therefore sorry for my maybe stupid question. I use grafana for my power smart meter monitoring. All value are stored in an InfluxDB and as first step I have created the attached dashboard. All power consumption values are display correctly in the graph. Now I wish to add in that graph an additional line with the average value.

Maybe one grafana pro’s can tell me please what I must do to create this addtional line. Sorry at all if the question is to easy.

Thank you for your help

Welcome @supermario333333 to the Grafana forum.

Your question goes back a long way with no apparent built-in solution that I am aware of. I think the correct way is to build a second query in Influx that displays the average. You might need to click the pencil icon and write the query, but it should be something like:

SELECT MEAN("water_level") FROM "h2o_feet"

Also, there IS an easy way to have Grafana display the average value in the legend, but no line on the graph : (