Disable panel resize on browser window resize

Hi, I got a issue with the panels resizing (width) when the browser window resized.
below is the dashboard as it should be…

below is the same dashboard but with the browser window maximized

As you can see the width of the panels changes.

Now if I set the panel widths while the browser is maximized, and then resize the browser, the panel width become too small to see all the data within the panel.

So my question is weather there is a way to stop the resizing of the panel?

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The panel itself is meant to adjust to the available size. There is a feature request that got merged a while back for the stat panel and gauge panels to allow users to set the font size.

For the bar gauge (I think that might be the one you’re using) you can set a minimum bar height and width so the bars won’t adjust smaller than those values. You can also explicitly set the text size, I’d recommend setting the height to a value the same or greater than the font size so the characters display correctly.