Dashboard pie charts change size with reload

Here are some details about my set up

  • Grafana Version - v9.3.6
  • Updating dashboards using the API

For some context my team is using Grafana to display some panel metrics using a combination of bar pie charts etc

Often we notice that the dashboard seems to look fine in terms of panel size for me. However when another team member takes a look at the dashboard they are presented with different proportions of the panel. We notice this happening only with the pie chart. The bar charts, and other panels retain the size that the dashboard was last saved to.

Can you provide us with some suggestions on how to improve the user experience in this case?

I would think saving the dashboard would preserve the current state and every user will view the dashboard in a similar manner.

Hi @snehasg95,

Thanks for opening this post.

Can you please provide the steps of reproduction so that the community can also try to reproduce it on a test machine?