Disable mobile version of Grafana

How can I disable mobile version of Grafana? I want to have the same view on computer and the mobile.
Currently it looks like this:
Mobile version (it opens automatically on phones):

Computer version on phone (available when I manually turn on computer version in browser):

There is no mobile version. It is just responsive design. You will need to hack Grafana css files and remove rules for mobile devices.

So there is no possibility to force PC layout without changing all css files?

  1. You probably don’t have to change all CSS files - I haven’t checked, but I
    would expect only a very small number to contain the generic definitions for
    desktop layout, mobile layout, screen reader guidance, etc, and these are then
    used by all the other templates.

  2. An alternative might be to change the User-Agent header presented by the
    mobile browser - although it depends on whether Grafana detects the User-Agent
    or simply the screen size. The fact that you can select “desktop version” in
    your mobile browser suggests the former to me.

  3. You could always consider placing an HTTP proxy in front of Grafana and
    configuring it to block or replace the header which the browser presents to
    Grafana telling it that you’re using a phone, and always tell Grafana that the
    client is a desktop.


I think there should be possibility to disable it by Google Tag Manager. Do you have any ideas how? :slight_smile: