Different email templates?

Hello Community,
is it possible to use different email templates?
Example: Alarm A Template A, Alarm B Template B…

Greetings from Germany

Hallo @martingander,

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Yes, it is totally possible to customize the message template to your own requirements.

Please have a look at this link

Also, another good resource is to follow this page where it explains in more detailed working example of the HTML Email templating:


I hope this helps.

Greetings from Nüremberg :slight_smile:

Hallo usmanahmad,

Ich versuche auch, verschiedene Alarm Meldung ein anderes Aussehen zu verpassen. Hast du vielleicht ein Beispiel für mich?
Als Test wollte ich unser Firmenlogo mit einbauen. Wenn ich nur wüsste, wo ich den Fehler mache.
So gefällt es mir nicht :melting_face:

I am also trying to give different alarm message a different look. Do you have an example for me?
As a test I wanted to include our company logo. If only I knew where I’m making the mistake.

Hi @DerUnwissende,

Entschuldigung, meine Deutsch is nicht so gut aber vershtehe was sie brauchen und an unseren community forums Englisch sprache lauft mehr weil viele andere community mitarbeiter kann hilfe und geben losung, tips usw.

Regarding your question about alert notification, basically that requires alert templating knowledge.

For that, we have 2 great articles which describe the alerting and templating.

The 1st one is written by a community user on this post

The second one is written by one of our team member in the following post which is still a very active post to this date.

I hope this helps.