Difference in Data Shown between Graph and Gauge?


I have been attempting to solve this problem myself for some days now, and I have come to understand I just cannot find the issue.

I have an InfluxDB containing temperature data that I am displaying in both a Graph and Gauge format. However the Graph is showing different data to the Gauge… which is really weird??? And frustrating.

Here’s the query I use in both Gauge and Graph… yes, the same query… but it displays different data??

SELECT mean("value") FROM "ipmi_sensor" WHERE ("server" = '<IP Address Redacted>' AND "name" = 'cpu1_temp') AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(30s) fill(null)

Here’s a picture of the Gauge and Graphs… You will notice CPU1 in the Gauge is displaying 39 degrees, and yet the Graph for CPU1 temp is displaying 49 degrees??

So can someone please tell me why the temperatures displayed are different??

Thanks, Mark

Anyone? Would really appreciate advice on where I might have gone wrong?