Diferent source to bar color change (threshold parameter) in State Timeline Dashboard

In my zabbix integration(Zabbix 5.4 and Grafana 8.3 with Alexander Zobnin plugin 4.3.1), but this can help much other users who need this feature:

  • With text source items using State Timeline, the tresholds who change que bar color its based on values that item of you informed in query.
    How can i, use other query result, like source to my tresholds color bar parameters??

Can i do this by code or other way?

Here we control a lot of rented printers by serialnumbers, so the best way we found, its the State Timeline bars to better visual perception, soooo, the item its text query result and its the point…

Thanks for your time, dudes!


I am not sure I fully understand your question. You want different colors based on threshold?

Can you please provide some sample data as csv inline here

HP Printer 01,23.5

What would be the numeric value for the printers? Ink level? days left before expiration? print count?

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Soo, this issue its based on Zabbix Plugin Datasource who cannot return two kind/type of data.
Zabbix plugin only gives me an each item(data object) returned by query parameters…

The idea its find a way to use other query to give the source values used by tresholds to change bar colors when value changes, or…
Find a way to simultaneously receives two items with diferent data types and use one to plot the main value(text with printer serialnumber) and other with a color value, soo, a way to use that to this in a single State Timeline bar…

Look the serialnumber changed in two first bars, soo, its text values returned by queue, value mapping not works well with text of unknow text standards, cause i not know the what value comes…

In zabbix i can use an calculated item who return me if the other item(serialnumber text) changed, if item changed return me 1, if not, return 0…
And in this case, i can use this item to based colors state timelines bar…

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Someone can help to this?
Can i change in a source code or we can develop changes to?

Thanks a lot Grafana Community