Deleted alerts still alerting and visible from alert groups

There has been some housekeeping of alerts which were originally created via the legacy alert (now running unified alerting) and I have noticed they are still alerting even though the alert rules no longer exist.

When I go to alert groups, I can see them in an active state but when I select “see source” I get the message back “Rule could not be found”.

How do I fully delete the alerts?

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I have the same problem. I have annoying alerts which are not connected to any rule. I can’t find a way to delete those alerts.

When I press “See source”, rule could not be find:

Is there a way to delete those alerts?

Thank You!

Ended up sending a DELETE to /api/v1/provisioning/alert-rules/rule_UID to remove them

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Thank you for the hint. Is this command still valid?
In my case:

GET … lists multiple items
GET … lists single item



“message”: “Not found”

/api/alerts is for the legacy platform, grafana allows you to rollback to legacy hence config still exists but not utilised (see Alerting HTTP API | Grafana documentation)

You want to be going via /api/v1/provisioning/alert-rules, if you are on 9.4 you can list all the alert rules by hitting /api/v1/provisioning/alert-rules directly.