Manage alerts (delete, modify) using API for unified alerting interface

I dont see any documentation how to delete or edit alerts already configure via API call.
I figure out how to list all alert per folder or how to add new alerts to a specific folder. But I need your help to edit or delete alerts.

THanks !

PAt P.

Are you using legacy alerts or unified alerting? Have you referred to the swagger documentation:

Same problem for me. Grafana 8.3 K8s installed through grafana community helm chart. Unified alerts by default. Cannot delete or manage alert rules from web or API.
From web, rules deleting says "Error: Not found". From API, I can’t find proper endpoint or method: can get all of my setted alerts from


But for prometheus endpoint there is no DELETE method, and for ruler endpoint I can’t found Namespace and GroupName variables. In JSON model from GET query, there is only “rule_group”, “namespace_uid” and “namespace_id” variables. No one is fit for DELETE methods in ruler endpoint. Always got {"message":"Not found"}