Define multiply index names for one elasticsearch source

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I use searchguard to limit access to specific indexes. A user I created can for example see filebeat-* and metrics-.
Currently I try to create a new source for Elasticsearch in Grafana, but when I use -YYYY.MM.DD I get an error message, because there are insufficient permissions for this user.
It’s working when I use the specific index names (like [filebeat
Is there a way to create an array with names to set a bunch of names?
I tried something like {filebeat-
, metrics-*} or other combinations, but it’s not working and I don’t want to create a data source for every index name (for example to count all docs of all the authorized indexes).

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No, don’t think that’s supported. Please open an issue at Grafana github repo if you find this useful.


I think you can best solve that issue by using an alias in Elasticsearch, and refer to the alias in your Grafana Data Source, rather than the index name:

Feature request: