Default username and password not working on latest docker image


i’m testing grafana on a pi via docker, and want to login the webpage with username admin and password admin. But it gives an error unknown username or password. Has the default username been changed?

I have used this repository : grafana/grafana

can you please show us your docker compose or the command you run?

Yeah sure :

docker run -d
-p 9003:3000

what do you see when you do docker ps

da13c7f77f0c grafana/grafana “/” 5 seconds ago Up 4 seconds>3000/tcp grafana

Strange thing is last week I also installed this for testing and then it worked. So maybe a “bug” in the new version?

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Hello, same situation here but installing on a raspberrypi. Just a few days ago everything was fine. Now, after reinstalling everything I’m struggling with this. I found this in the log every time I try to login with the default admin account:

logger=plugin.loader t=2023-08-24T20:22:25.738434805+02:00 level=warn msg=“Plugin missing module.js” pluginID=input warning=“Missing module.js, If you loaded this plugin from git, make sure to compile it.”

Maybe grafana/grafana#27924 strikes again??

just ran the same command using podman and it all looks good on my side

Looks like more people are having a problem with this. Good luck with trouble shooting.

Hi, is there any update on this issue?