DB design and Grafana features

Dear Grafana community,

I’m newbie in Grafana. I have developed JS (Node-Red) application for photovoltaic statistics.
In MySQL database, I have two tables (named here A & B).
The table A have values of voltage generation and consumtion, every hour it makes a line. In the line, I have also timestamp amb some local date/hour in text columns. In a JS function, I select all lines of the same day to graph a line of generation energy by day (hours of active generation).
In table B, I have the total energy generated and consumed by the end of the day. With this table I’m able to graf the last 7 days stats of energy generated and consumed by day, using JS function.

Now, I’m integrating Grafana, that I think can help me in those kind of operations to extract cool graphs,…

The tables (A & B) are ok to make this kind of graphs with grafana?
Any suggestion to improve this system?

Thanks in advance, sorry if my question is very basic.

Best Regards