Datasource works with browser mode but not server (default) mode. 502 bad gateway

I have two influx servers. I have grafana installed on the same machine as one of the influx servers. I can access the local influx datasource in server mode but I can only access the remote influx server using browser mode. The funny thing is this just happened over the weekend. My remote connections used to work just fine in server mode so I’m not sure what changed.

I am not really sure what to check. The help says I need to make sure: “The URL needs to be accessible from the grafana backend/server if you select this access mode.”

How can I check if this is the case?


pretty sure I know the answer now:
I changed some virtual network switch conditions. These two machines are virtual machines, and now they are not talking to each other (verified using “ping”). So I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with grafana. I need to learn some more about this virtual networking stuff…