Datagrid table panel

I wonder if I’m the only one using the new Datagrid panel, which is available along with new csv drag-and-drop feature under featureflags in Grafana 10.* versions (GF_FEATURE_TOGGLES_ENABLE=enableDatagridEditing, editPanelCSVDragAndDrop).
This plugin looks like a more user-friendly version of static datasource and allows editing without getting into panel config every time.
If you do use it, please share if you experience the same issue starting from Grafana 10.2 version. Text selection in the cell has become impossible. It look like some overlay prohibits seing actual text while typing

The docu says


Note: The Grafana datagrid is experimental. This feature is supported by the engineering team on a best-effort basis, and breaking changes may occur without notice prior to general availability.