Data points outside range when running MYSQL query

I am using Grafana Version 4.5 with MYSQL as datasource. But while quering , i am not able see any changes in the time mode as well as series mode in the graph.
Suppose I have data for 2017 also, but while setting time range for last 1 year or last 2 year, it says Data points outside range when running MYSQL query. It only works for last 5 year. So filtering is not there.
And zoom out is not working in the series mode.
ts as time_sec,
revenue as value,
ds as metric
FROM ****
where ts is not null and revenue > 50 and ds > "2017-05-19"
group by ds, ts
order by ds asc
limit 100000;

you need to use the included $__timeFilter(column) macro,

Hey ,thanks . This is working with the table with 10-digit timestamp but not with 13 digit timestamp. so can you please help in that?

That is not supported right now

I am facing same problem , Data points are present .
when i select large time range .
error disappears .

can i disable the feature ??

no, time range filtering is required.

Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

I have epoch time in 13 digits so its not supporting .
So is there any alternate solution .