Data outside time range MySQL

Hey guys. I’m a begginer on Grafana, and I built my first Graph integrated with MySQL.

But I have a problem. I see some topics that already exists about the same problem, but I was unable to do the same.

I have the following query

id_processo as time_sec,
CONVERT(DATE_FORMAT(TIMEDIFF(hora_fim, hora_inicio), “%i”), decimal) as value,
CAST(DATE_FORMAT(data_processamento, “%d %M %Y”) as CHAR) as metric
data_processamento > DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 7 DAY) AND data_processamento < Now()
group by data_processamento

This query generate that graph:

Repare that has a message “Data outside time range”. I want to remove this message. Someone can help me with this?