Data migration from postgres to influxdb

hi guys i need help with data migration from postgres to influxdb

Have you set up an InfluxDB Cloud (3.0) account? (the on-prem / OSS version is not yet release). It uses (from what I can tell) almost the exact same syntax as PostgreSQL and should be an easier migration.

Why are you doing this migration? What problem are you trying to solve by this migration?

Might want to also check out this

import "sql"

    driverName: "postgres",
    dataSourceName: "postgresql://user:password@localhost",
    query: "SELECT * FROM example_table",

I`m trying to connect progresql database to influxdb, then connect it from influxdb to grafana

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So is it because you have some data in postgres and soms in influxdb? Still not clear to me

i want to connect postgresql to influxdb