Data Manipulation Plugin - Reference Dashboard Variables

Is there a way to reference dashboard variables inside of the custom code sections in the Data Manipulation Plugin? I’m using Grafana 9.5.13 and Data Manipulation Plugin version 3.3.0.

Here you go

@yosiasz, thank you for the reply. That seems to work when I reference the dashboard variable in the custom code section for the initial request. My dashboard variable’s name is pathLocator and I execute console.log(“$pathLocator”) and the correct value is displayed. However, when I execute console.log(“$pathLocator”) from inside of the custom code section for the update payload, the text “$pathLocator” is displayed. It doesn’t appear that the dashboard variable is being replaced in the payload of the update request, as the documentation suggests.


@clattan There is an opened issue. I will check and reply in the issue.

Also why are you trying to save password as a var. Should it maybe be an env var?