Data link question of time series chart

Hello, problem of single click on time series chart cannot display “Data Links” menu
and the cross hair anchor seems not showing the correct value, time of the exact point in the chart

The time shown in cross hair box is always the latest or earliest time of the chart but not the time where the cross anchor focus

However, using bar, cross hair box and data link can be shown correctly

I would look in my console log of your browser for any errors and to also see the Network tab to vet things out?

I try to illustrate by same set of data but two panels, one with bar chart and the other is time series

No error found in F12 , console log
in bar chart, the cross hair and data link seems ok

but time series, no data link appear and cross hair display not following the cursor’s hover

Hello, is somebody help … why don’t time series show “Data link menu” when right click
Also , why does the cross hair show incorrect value in time series chart ?

Cross hair and Data link menu work fine in bar chart of same set of data