Dashboard Graph shows no data found when iteration is set to 1

Hello team,

I tried to output my terminal data into the dashboard. The graph shows data when more than 1 iteration with 1vs is used. However, I tried a scenario with iteration 1 for n virtual users. In this case, I am getting empty data in the graph.

can anyone help on this?

I have used this as reference Web dashboard | Grafana k6 documentation

Attaching the screenshot

When setting the iteration to 1 for n virtual users in k6 and encountering empty data in the graph on the dashboard, it could be due to insufficient data points generated for meaningful visualization. Try increasing the iteration count or adjusting other parameters to ensure an adequate volume of data is generated for the graph. Additionally, verify that the script execution is generating expected output and that the dashboard configuration in Grafana is correctly set up to display the data.