Dashboard 'Error' when more than 20 queries


I have set up Grafana, Telegraf and InfluxDB in a docker-compose environment.

When creating my first dashboard, i’m noticing that when I attempt to add a 21st query, the dashboard goes blank and shows “unable to fetch”.

I realize this is not a ton of information to go off, i’m just wondering if there is some kind of default query limit that could be an easy fix.

I have attached screenshots of 20 queries and 21 queries showing what happens.

20 Queries

21 Queries


These queries are for Windows PC’s disk space percentage free.

SELECT max(“Percent_Free_Space”) FROM “win_disk” WHERE (“host” = ‘MWMJ03DMFG’ AND “instance” = ‘C:’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)