Dashboard doesn't get saved if TEXT panel has CSS and JS code

Grafana dashboard couldn’t be saved after I included TEXT panel containing HTML, CSS and JS code in it. I was trying to use a script to autoscrol an HTML table in Grafana dashboard. The TEXT panel shows correct output, but the ‘Save’ button doesn’t work and the dashboard changes cannot be saved.

On saving my TEXT panel that contains a combination of HTML, CSS and JS code, the ‘Save’
button on the dashboard should save the the newly made changes.

Reproducing the issue:
Create a dashboard. From visualization, select ‘TEXT’ panel. Change to ‘HTML’ mode. Paste an auto scrolling code containing HTML, CSS and JS code.


  • Grafana version: v6.6.2

  • OS Grafana is installed on: Windows

  • Grafana plugins: TEXT panel

Can you show the code you are pasting into the Text panel? Also, have you changed the setting for allowing script tags in the text panel in your ini file? The default is that it is not turned on.