Dashboard does not load data when opening, refresh does not always work, two panels output different data

Hi, I have an API which returns JSON data. So im using the JSON API Grafana Datasource by SimPod.
My data connection/dashboard:

  • Im connecting to the API path of where all my sensors are.
  • When in query of a dashboard I get the available metrics for either all sensors (*.metric) or an individual sensor (sensorname.metric).
  • I have created two panels of type “table” where I in the first one selected *.temperature and in the other selected *.humidity (same sensors have both metrics).
  • When in edit mode everything seems to work fine.

My issue:
When loading a fresh start of the dashboard (which has these two panels) I get NoData in both.
*After pressing the “refresh button” some data might get returned but not guaranteed (also inconsistent returns between the two panels).

  • If i go into edit mode of each panel the data seems to get queried and is visible when going back to dashboard.
  • However, the sensors being returned between the two panels are inconsistent, I get different sensors in the two panels.
    *After several attempts of going in/out of edit in each panel I might be lucky and retrieve data of the same sensors.

What might be causing this?

Try out other json api plugins to see if it is that plugin itself that has the issues

I like to use infinity json api plugin by @yesoreyeram