Dashboard automation


i have created the dashboard to monitor the server metrics. when i am going to monitor the serverA and ServerB metrics. I will export the server dashboard as json and import it and change the server ip and select the metrics name manually for serverA and serverB. is this how i do when i configure for the new server.

i would like to automate this, how i can do this ?

Please suggest.

I have grafana running in HA. (nginx(loadbalance), grafana1, grafana2, grafanadb)


Hi torkel,

thanks for your reply.

i forget to let you know that i need to use the new dashboard for different organisation.

ok, then checkout the provisioning feature in v5

Hello, Torkel, Morning!
This is Minakshi!! I am trying to do implement concourse automation for pagerduty alerts for grafana alerts. Do you have any reference for me, which will help me set the concourse pipeline for grafana?

Please reach out to me if you do. Thank you very much in advance!!!