Daily Summary of all alerts

We are using Grafana 8.5 for our project. We already started to create some alerts and receive them via mail. This is working so far. But we do not want to receive them every time they are firing. Is there a way to get a daily report or summary of all the alerts which were firing in the last 24h?
If someone has an idea, just tell me :leichtes_lächeln:
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Hi Charlotte!

I don’t think it’s possible to create a summary of all alerts that fired in the last 24 hours. Grafana alerting is not really intended for this purpose.

What you could do is create a dashboard with the query grafana_alerting_alerts{state=“alerting”} (You will need to use Prometheus or another datasource to store metrics from Grafana) and then use Grafana Enterprise to create a PDF report on this dashboard. However, the metric does not show you which alerts fired, just the number of alerts that fired.


This might be a hacky solution, but I am 100% sure it would work. You would need to install Node-RED on the same PC/server that is running Grafana.

  • Grafana Alerts send out alert via webhook
  • Webhook configured to be sent & received on same PC/server (see below)
  • Configure Node-RED set up to receive the webhook. Upon receipt, send a message in Node-RED to populate the database of your choice (MSSQL, InfluxDB, MariaDB, etc.) using any of the thousands of nodes in the Node-RED community.
  • Use Node-RED to send out a daily email from the above mentioned database to give everyone a daily report / summary of the alerts that fired over the last 24 hours.
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Thank you so much, this works really good for our case :slight_smile:

Awesome! Node-RED can be used for just about anything (except making breakfast, of course).