D3 Gauge Settings

So I have a D3 Gauge panel, that I’m trying to display the full output in bits/sec for our LAN. I am getting this info using telegraf and the info is in InfluxDB The info is there but it does not display correctly.

The issue is the data comes from influx like so:
tags: ifDescr=LAN
time Output

1539091260000000000 148149591.86666667
1539091320000000000 194671886.4
1539091380000000000 229646532.8
1539091440000000000 181662735.86666667
1539091500000000000 177613533.6
1539091560000000000 175633491.06666666
1539091620000000000 219883576.26666668

First is the time, second is the bits per sec. I want the guage to be displayed as Mbps, so when I select Units->data rate->bits/sec the main value is correct eg. 219Mbps but I believe the gauge is still being displayed as bits/sec

Do I need to do some math to the query?

Here is currently:

SELECT derivative(mean(“ifHCOutOctets”), 1s) *8 AS “Output” FROM “autogen”.“interface” WHERE (“hostname” = ‘XXXXXXXXXXX’ AND “ifDescr” = ‘LAN’) AND time >= now() - 6h GROUP BY time(30s), “ifDescr”


OK I fugured it out, I was on the right path. I added some math to the query now it is working:

SELECT derivative(mean(“ifHCOutOctets”), 1s) 8.000001* AS “Output” FROM “autogen”.“interface” WHERE (“hostname” = ‘XXXXXXX’ AND “ifDescr” = ‘LAN’) AND time >= now() - 6h GROUP BY time(30s), “ifDescr”