Cut timeseries in multiple days for chart


I have a timeseries which hold a single signal for multiple days (a month).
I want to transform this ts into days, so i can see a chart for every day.
The result should be a group of lines, one line per day to compare all days of a month.
(not sure if you understand what i mean :slight_smile: )

I tought it should be possible with the transform function in grafana, but don’t get it .


Welcome @kuluwe

What is your data source? and if you could provide us some sample data

Datasource is mysql.
it is simple time series
Name, unixtimestamp, value

Starting from 01.month end 31.month

my intention was that the transfor function should be able to “cut” this timeserie into chunks of a lenth of a day and create a kind of dataframe.

Well honestly i am a newbe in Grafana…