Customized resource to k6 script?

Hi, i’m in the process of examining load testing tool to replace our JMeter.
Our process of today is that we have our own audit database with some of the customers usage in the system as an api requests and we have script that convert that data into JMeter jmx files, while those are later being executed by the JMeter test executor.

Is there a way in K6 to make similar flow? we wouldn’t want to write the tests manually in the JS code, but rather generate them automatically;

in the documentation the closest thing i saw is using HAR files, but all the guides talking about generating those from existing browsers / standalone programs rather than creating my own from customized resources.

I’ll be glad to know if it’s possible and if someone has done it with K6


HAR files are not just generated by browsers, a bunch of other HTTP tools like proxies or even Postman also support them: HAR (file format) - Wikipedia

I suggest taking a look at GitHub - grafana/har-to-k6: JSON config representation of K6 script and its specification for a slightly extended version of the HAR file it supports (which might be a bit out of date). It’s open source, so even if its current version is lacking something, you should be able to modify it to suit your needs.