How do I make a log file like JMeter?

I am load testing with basic auth and JWS token. This I have done correctly.

But now I have to make a log file that records the accesses. As I would do it in K6?

I mean a function similar to JMeter and its “Access Log Sampler” (see image below)


Unfortunately I don’t think something like this exists. There is an open issue (Generate k6 script from access.log · Issue #2107 · grafana/k6 · GitHub) and someone from the community could create a converter in the future?

Can you explain your use case in detail? Aren’t access logs quite limited, in general, basically usable only for simulating simple GET requests? You’d have to dump some pretty sensitive details to your logs if you want to use them for generating proper load tests, right?

Also, is this a sufficient substitute for your needs? Using the HAR converter