Custom data to be displayed

There is no custom endpoing for “Hosted Grafana”? I mean, I have custom data in JSON/Excel/CSV/whatever is supported, I want to display it as a counter or bar chart or gauge, and it’s updated by URL every X seconds… this is not supported on the hosted edition?

It is if the url return json data in the format of one of the built in data sources or with format expected by a datasource plugin like simple json data source

Hi Torkel,

What is the name of the datasource I should add to show the JSON data?


None of them seems clear to me, I should expect something like "raw " or like!

@torkel ?? or anyone please? this is supported on the free hosted version?

Installed “SimpleJson” by Grafana Labs as a plugin datasource, this should be a basic datasource =/

Yes that data source works. You need a http server that returns json time series’s data in the specified format defined the the simple json data source plugin readme