Custom Color Thresholds on Histogram Visualization


Is there a way where I can use thresholds to format the color scheme on the histogram below. I want to format the bars in such a way that whenever the value is:

“<0…Bar is red”
“>0…Bar is green”

Currently, no matter what value of the threshold and how many I add, the color impacts all the bars on the visual.

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If you’re using thresholds you can get a result like this by doing a couple small tweaks:

  1. Edit your thresholds to the values you want to trigger the color change

  2. Change the color scheme to From thresholds (by value)

  3. Set the Bar Chart Option of Color by field to the field that you want to use to evaluate the threshold. In my case, I have two fields “label” and “value”

    Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 9.20.02 PM